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Ebook "Colors in Art Practice"

Learn how to use color in art to create the desired impression on viewers.


Discover simple and effective methods for color mixing, matching, and using limited palettes to improve your art pieces instantly.


Receive a bonus of 25 ready-to-use color combinations that you can implement for your art immediately.


Who is this Ebook for?

Beginners in art who want to get an overview of main tools for working with colors

Artists who struggle with creating balanced color schemes in their works and fail to achieve the desired impression

Painters who use liquid mediums and wish to learn mixing striking shades and


Artists who wish to sell their art and need to know how to use colors effectively to make their pieces more convincing

«Since following Viktoria's art, and purchasing the ebook I've seen a big improvement in my art. It's a huge relief to have it as a guide when starting a new piece»

– Marta

"Colors in art practice"
will help you if:


You are often overwhelmed with color choice


The colors in your art pieces don't look harmonious


You use colors in your art intuitively and don't get the result you wished for


You are tired of getting muddy, dull, boring colors in your artwork


You need a few simple tools how to improve the colors in your art quickly


You want to know how the colors impress viewers and how to apply it to your artwork

Inside of the Ebook

"Color in Art Practice" covers theoretical and practical aspects of color in art across six chapters and 160 pages. The Ebook also includes numerous classic art pieces as illustrations and examples.

Check the preview below

«Colors in Art Practice has truly changed my view on colors and their use in my art. The book has given me a deeper understanding of color theory and the emotional impact of color, allowing me to make more intentional and meaningful color choices in my work»

– Żaneta

After reading this ebook and doing exercises from it, you will:

Start choosing the colors for your art more consciously and get the desired result

Learn about the tools that create color effects and impressions, such as values and colors, color temperature, and color composition

Get colors in your art to look convincing

Mix colors without getting them dull and dirty

Save money on buying too many unnecessary paints

Understand better how your favorite artists use colors in their art

Why using limited palettes is the easiest way to improve colors

Starting with just two colors, artists who work with liquid medium can create striking artworks,

avoiding dull and dirty color mixing.


Limited palettes are simple, accessible, and yet a very effective tool for painters.


Not every color combination however creates a convincing palette for painting. The Ebook "Colors in Art Practice" explains what makes a limited palette work best.


Together with the Ebook you will also receive a bonus of 25 ready-to-use color combinations that you can implement for your art immediately.


The full price of the Ebook "Colors in Art Practice" +

Bonus 25 limited palette combinations from my art is


«I think the examples in this book will keep helping me every time I feel like I’m stuck, just as a reminder of the tools and knowledge we are able to use in our art. So glad to have it as a resource, thanks Viktoria for putting it together!»

– Nina

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