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colors in art practice


   Did you know that beautiful colors in art are a skill? It's not a talent, feeling, or intuition. The principles of applying colors and creating a specific effect on the viewer can be learned and mastered with practice. During the last five years, I gathered much theoretical information about using colors in fine art. And I tried it out in my artistic practice. The results are visible in my works, whether made with oils, oil pastels, or other mediums


     "Colors in art practice" is a guide through the essential tools for artists to start using colors consciously. Knowing these tools doesn't limit your creativity, though. It's the other way around - you are free to experiment with colors, learning the basic rules that keep you from wasting expensive mediums on random tries, hoping for a nice coincidence.


           For whom is this Ebook: For all traditional artists tired of looking for one good source of instructions on making colors in your art pieces work! For all digital artists - apart from the chapter "Mixing colors"- all the color information is universal and can be applied with any medium. To all art lovers who want to understand art better and see why some pieces can impress with their colors and others do not.


          What you will get: A systematic knowledge about the main tools of working with colors - values, composition, temperature, and mixing colors, as well as an overview of traditional art mediums and dozens of beautiful art pieces from the late 19th - beginning of 20th century as examples and subjects of artistic analysis.


"Colors in art practice" is a step towards improving in art, whether as a professional, hobby artist, or passionate observer. 

Full price 50€

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